Better Coverage Means Reduced Fuel Costs

Shell has a partner network of more than 3,500 stations, including 450+ HGV friendly fuel stations across the UK. All these stations are equipped with wider lanes specifically for HGV use. These lanes have special pumps that are faster filling helping to reduce driver downtime when refuelling. Each of these lanes has Shell FuelSave Diesel as the standard diesel.

This fuel is specially designed with an anti-foaming agent that facilitates even quicker and easier refuelling. Shell sites are located on motorways and major ‘A’ roads so drivers can just pull in, refuel and be back on their way. Route deviation is eliminated along with the additional mileage and costs associated.

Shell’s network is designed to make refuelling as simple and straightforward as possible and to get your drivers back to what they are best at – driving. Your drivers will also benefit from secure locations that are manned, well-lit, offer a fully stocked shop and toilet facilities and are fully HSE compliant.

Shell have recently partnered with Texaco to increase acceptance of the euroShell CRT card and are delighted to announce that 45 HGV friendly Texaco sites now accept the euroShell fuel card at the same commercial prices you would be paying across the Shell network.