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Shell has the largest network of forecourts in the UK with AdBlue at the pump.

The euroShell fuel card can be set up for the purchase of AdBlue, meaning one consolidated invoice for all your diesel and AdBlue transactions. This has the added benefit of commercially discounted rates for AdBlue just like there is for fuel.

As well as AdBlue at the pump, all Shell forecourts stock AdBlue in a range of sized containers from 1.5 litres up to 10 litres and these can be paid for with the euroShell fuel card.

Alternatively, if you prefer your AdBlue to be delivered to your door – we can fully support your requirements.

Telephone : 0800 915 6022

Stop paying pump price for fuel

Stop paying pump price for your fuel and benefit from commercial rates at 50% of UK forecourts with the euroShell fuel card.

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Concerned about coverage?

The euroShell card is accepted at 50% of UK forecourts. One in every two fuel stations across the whole of the UK accepts the euroShell fuel card.

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Manage your Fuel Spend

At Shell we take security very seriously and aim to make our customers feel as safe as possible when using our fuel cards.

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Whatever type of fuel - you manage

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